Ann Arbor

If you’re looking to check out one of the hippest towns in the midwestern region of the United States, then be sure to check out the southeastern Michigan city of Ann Arbor. This awesome city has lots to offer to visitors and residents alike. Check out some of the notable things (such as tree trimming) in Ann Arbor by perusing through this article.



One of the great things about Ann Arbor is the abundance of restaurants to try out. Each one has a different vibe and flavor that will wow your tastebuds. Plus, many of these places do a lot to better their ambience, such as host live music (more on this later).

If you’re looking for a bevy of cuisines from different ethnicities, then you’ve found the hot spot. Ann Arbor is brimming with many representatives from different cultures due to a nearby melting pot major university. You’ll be able to try Greek, Indian, Japanese, and more types of food here.


The atmosphere of this free thinking college town is the perfect environment to cultivate visual and other kinds of art. You’ll see murals all over the place in Ann Arbor. In addition, you’ll have no problem catching one of the many theater performances that happen throughout the town. Both university and residential groups will get together to put on performances year round.


Ann Arbor has one of the best music scenes of any small town in the Midwest. There is something in the water here, because there is a bevy of great bands and artists who are playing at one of the many venues in town. Whether you like folk, jazz, rock, or hip hop, there is always something for everyone. In addition, you’ll find the community packs special events that are often held for free during the summer months.