About Us


Thanks again for showing your interest and checking us out on the internet. Our site exists to provide all of the information possible about us and our services. On the rest of the site, you’ll be able to find out a little bit about our services, but on this page in particular, we’ll tell you a little bit about us and how we got started in this business. We hope that this will help you understand more about where we’re coming from and what our business philosophy is.


In the Beginning

Our company’s founder, Walter, was a fisherman long before he became an arborist. Living in a small coastal town in Maine, he would get up before the crack of dawn every day to go out and catch fish to sell in the market. When times were tough and the catch was small, he would help build and fix fishing boats in the shipyards. Through working with wood and building boats, he began to get acquainted with which woods worked best for building these water vehicles. It was not long before he found himself with a team in the forest, hunting for the right trees to build the best boats.

This habit of clearing trees for boat wood caused this renaissance man to be well known for his tree cutting abilities. Before long, he was doing small clearing jobs to help people have firewood for the winter. He named the service after something that he was well known for, which was saying “Hello” in a cheerful way to almost everyone in the morning on the docks before setting out to fish in the sea.