Welcome to Hello Tree!


Welcome to the online home of Hello Tree Services. We’re here to offer you the best and friendliest service in the arbor care business. On this website, you’ll find all of the information about our services that we offer to our clients. If you have any questions, please make sure to get in touch with us so that we can see how we can best serve you.

Getting the Best

We know that every company (such as Albuquerque Treesadvertises that you’ll get great service when you choose to give them your business. However, are you really getting the best service possible? We invite you to give us a try so that you can really experience the best possible service that you can get. Check out some of the perks we’ve listed below!

Expert Care

Many of the people who are on our staff have been working with trees in the arbor care business alongside Timber Ridge for over ten years. That means we have almost a century of combined experience. In this large amount of time that our team has spent working with trees, we’ve seen a vast amount of scenarios involving removals, trimmings, and other kinds of services. As a result, we’ll be able to handle anything you throw at us. We’re ready for the challenge and for the opportunity to prove to you that we’re the best in the business!

Affordable Pricing

We want to make sure that things are financially doable for you if you choose to go with us. We’ve been known to work with our clients with payment plans to make sure that getting a tree service done is fiscally possible.

In addition to payment plans, we also do price matching for most of our services here at Hello Tree. We know that other companies offer competitive prices, but we want to beat them so that we can work with you.

Always Free Quotes

We don’t want you to feel hesitant about finding out how much a job will cost you. We offer free quotes and estimates for any kind of work out our company. Just contact us and we’ll either tell you our rate or send an inspector out to your property to figure out how much a service will cost.


Below, we’ve included a short list of some of our main services here at Hello Tree. Be sure to check them out!


We have many different types of tree removals at our company. This is because different scenarios call for different kinds of removals. We have some great consultants on staff here who will be able to help you decide which removal is the best for you. Don’t be afraid of the size of the job, either. We have a specialized team that can handle large scale commercial removals.


Every property can use a good trimming at one point or another. Think of it sort of as a hair cut. It’s a good way to keep a nice tight and clean look. Call us today!